Delivering the best of nature’s bounty, freshness and goodness preserved

The Company…..

Unico Fruitz was formed in 2011 with the vision to manufacture high quality products from fruits growing in and around Kokan region. Our Managing Director a Chemical Engineer from IIT the only premier institute in India, he has been the key person responsible for the creation, management, vision and execution of the well established business as UniTop Group. Unico Fruitz intends to serve its clients with quality products locally and globally.

With undeterred focus on Quality & Service Unico Fruitz will ensure a very healthy clientele and will be proud to be associated with many leading names of the fruit beverage industry.

Unicofruitz thus brings with it a rare blend of proven organizational capabilities, high systems orientation, rich global expertise and more importantly, a strong customer focus. We intend to serve our customers by providing them with the finest variety of quality products all across the globe.

We are sure that our emphasis on Quality and Service will earn us great respect as a Processed Fruit Manufacturer in markets all over the World.

Unicofruitz was founded with an aim to deliver excellent products and services which include the finest processed fruits. Our prime focus is on hygiene and food safety procedures along with innovation, service and value creation. We nurture a business culture of dignity and respect for employees and believe in building long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Quality Food service professionals will vouch for Unicofruitz’s focus on quality. A highly skilled team, comprising some of the best minds in the industry is in place to handle our operations which is totally systems driven and we adhere to Approved Manufacturing Practices. Our strengths are modern technology, manufacturing flexibility and product consistency. Our product range is wide and encompasses the finest selection of fruits.
  • Manufacturing facility for Processing and Packing - Cans, Aseptic
  • Well equipped team to handle all operations.
  • In house laboratory providing chemical and microbiological and analytical services.
  • Production process ensures minimal human touch and flavor or color loss.