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Kesar Mango Pulp…..

Kesar mango is often referred to as the queen of mangoes because of its unique taste and its rich smooth pulp. This fruit is a little smaller than the Alphonso and is characterized by its golden color and green overtones. They are widely grown in the Gujarat state of India. This variety of mangoes is known to contain rich elements like calcium, phosphorous, iron, potash magnesium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins like A and C and is said to have low saturated fat. If there is any variety of Mangos which can even begin to challenge the charm of Alphonso - it is this! A very distinctive flavor and an allure which surrounds this variety lends it to several uses - from exotic ice-cream flavors to medicines. Who knows, this probably is the flavor which sets a few mango drinks apart from "just-another-mango-drink"

Product Description:

Mango pulp extraction from non-Gmo, Sorted sound ripened, washed fruits by mechanical process. Screening & separation to make pulp free from particles, Impurities. Subsequent processing to make Commercial sterilization to ensure safety & composition is as per international standards. Overall processing is by maintaining strict hygienic conditions throughout the processing line.

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Physio-Chemical Specification

Bright Orange Yellow
Typical to Kesar Mango
Free from Foreign Matter
Total Soluble Solid (TSS)
Minimum 16° Brix at 20° C
Acidity ( as citric acid)
0.4 – 0.6 % W/W
pH Value
3.5 to 4.2
Black Specks Count
5 per 100 gm maximum
Brown Specks Count
20 per 100 gm maximum
Consistancy Ford Cup
30 Sec. Minimum

Microbiological Specification

Total Plate Count (TPC)
<10 cfu/gm
<10 cfu/gm
<10 cfu/gm
E. Coli

Packaging, Storage & Loadability

MS Drum painted wide mouth with Aseptic Bag and ploy liner.Net Weight 220 ± 1Kg.
Shelf Life & Storage
18 months at normal ambient temperature. Store in cool condition and avoid direct sunlight.
80 drums per 20 feet FCL